Thursday Works

Thursday Works are a young architectural practice that were looking to achieve something specific with their visual indentity. Nuance was important, particularly the idea of doing something interesting quietly. In line with this I developed a wordmark in Helvetica Neue with subtle alterations that significantly distinguished it to the close observer. The crossbars and legs of the type were significantly altered and the resulting logo had a lot of character, if you looked at it closely, appealing to the design-savvy. It felt that the logo achieved the balance of portraying something serious and respectable with a playful edge. A secondary type treatment emerged during the logo creation process; abbreviating the studio name and incorporating the full stops that would more usually separate the T and W as markers to represent the days of the week, with T for Thursday after an ellipsis of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The two bottom axes of the W then came to represent the weekend. This also served to differentiate Thursday Works from other architectural T.W.s. This treatment was expanded onto business cards with the big letters and full stops bouncing around loosely in space, contrasting against the much more formalised graphic on the alternate side. The document template also exemplified this contrast, with a utilitarian information box on the top left, and space for a large punchy full bleed cover image behind it. Document pages were centre aligned to break away from architecture’s traditional pairing with the asymmetrical modernist grid, though type was set in Helvetica Neue.

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