I edited, designed and illustrated this book from an essay a friend had written in 2015 on the anthropology of time. All aspects of the design of the book were intended to push readers to reflect on various tangled aspects of temporality and history. Each page of writing features exactly the number of words the average reader can read in a minute, with a timeline at the side of the text to show how many seconds should have elapsed from beginning reading the book. I wrote a Python script to process my ragged text, and calculate the number of seconds that elapsed on each line based on the number of words on each, and output the total progress down the page in seconds. I used two contrasting Garamonds to foreground notions of design history juxtaposed against current design aesthetics, tools and methodologies, and Letter Gothic Monospaced to provide a mechanical counterpoint, used for all of the temporal page matter. Illustrations on every second verso were line diagrams presenting temporal analysis of the text on its corresponding recto, alternating with versos that visualised the often quite abstract thematic content of their corresponding rectos. The second section of the book presents individual frames of an exploding globe, rendered in Cinema 4D. This is a reference to the origin of time at the Big Bang, and also functions as a manifestation of the fracturing of notions of time that is a key subject of the text. It allows readers to flick through like a flickbook, or leaf through slowly, engendering an appreciation of our own ability to control time via perception, juxtaposing with the authoritarian first section.

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