The SaLADS are an architectural tours group operating in London. They needed a visual identity and a website to archive all their visits. I started with a new logo, based on the circle format that they use in their instagram posts, and using a shade of orange that they’ve regularly used in the past. Type set around the circle in Albertus lends it a civic, London-centric feel, and use of a photo in the logo itself felt like a novel solution to the problem of creating a digital-first, people-focused mark that represented the group. The website itself was based around a feed on the left hand side that contained image links of every visit, making them as accessible as possible from all pages, and asserting their visual primacy. Individual visit pages were simply structured with images on the left and description text on the right in an accessible and legible layout, that enabled the use of large, visually impressive images. The menu was a subtle sliding bar on the right, which gave access to a page containing a larger list of visits including text extracts for easier browsing, as well as a join us page with a form, and a ‘view by tag’ page which enabled users to browse visits by tags such as ‘concrete’ and ‘masonry’.

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